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Take advantage of our Multi-Class or Sibling discount. (*see details below) Classes may be purchased ONLINE during our normal business hours.

Messy Arts (2.5-8yrs)

You can drop in anytime during this time for an artsy experience to get kids creative juices flowing and discover their love for art by coloring outside the lines for a second! Explore different paints and other materials creating whatever their little hearts desire! $15 or purchase an Art Card and it makes each class $12 and use it anytime! Toddlers-6 years.

Obstacle Course & Tumble Time (18 mths-3yrs) “Members Free”

Organized Obstacle course, Tumbling & gym like activities for kids to just be free and participate in organized courses. They will get to flip, climb, tumble, bend, crawl through tunnels, jump over hoops and shoot rockets! High Energy and loads of Fun!

BALLET CREATION ( 2 1/2 to 4 yrs)

Begin exploring the dance concepts in a fun and engaging way, stimulating children’s spontaneity and self-expression to the beginning stages of basic ballet and modern dance technique increasing levels of concentration, group work and cognitive development. Dance attire required.

Ballet & Tap Dance (3 1/2-6 yrs)

This is a Beginners Level. Your little Tap dancers will focus on rhythm, musicality and timing. They will perform energetic warm-ups, and across the floor exercises and combinations. They will explore the fundamental steps of tap dance, learn the terminology and develop correct body placements as well as Basic ballet movements.

Snooknuk Music & Rhythm (17mths-4yrs)

Music class that encourages early development with voice, rhythm & movement. A very interactive method that will motivate positive character building, creativity and excitement for daily activities. They will sing, dance & learn while having Fun! Using props such as streamers, parachutes, instruments & much more!

Kids Hip-Hop (3-6yrs)

Gives the little ones an introduction to the rhythm of hip hop in a fun way. They will learn a routine with tumbling activities in the latter part of class. Music and choreography will be age appropriate. This is a HIGH-Energy Class. Dance attire requirement: Sneakers & comfortable clothing.

Monday Morning Music (17months – 3yrs)

Join us for a fun time where you and your child help to create the music by drumming, strumming, singing, and humming! The class is an intro to music, so each week we’ll have different topic, from learning high and low notes, steady beats and counting, loud, soft, long and short, the musical alphabet etc.

Musical Theatre (4-12yrs)

Musical Theater mix with Dance: dance movement, musicality, voice exercises, singing, ear training, acting through song interpretation, etc. This program is wonderful for the “outgoing” child and has also proven to be helpful to the child who is rather shy in nature. In an effort to enhance the level of performance in this venue, these students are required to take one dance class per week in order to develop as a total performer.

Mini-Improv & Imagination (3 1/2 -6yrs)

These classes create a fun and supportive environment for kids to learn the basics of improv & story telling taught primarily through games, play, and improv stories. Helps them to be more creative, positive & overcome shyness. Class includes treasure hunts, thematic craft activities and face-paint.

Get Moving! Increased physical strength and muscle control, fine and gross motor skill development, coordination, balance

Brain Boost! Spatial and perceptual awareness, introduction to colors, language development and self-expression, knowledge of numbers and letters, initial problem solving

Ballet I (5 – 7yrs)

Ballet for this age group reinforces the basic concepts learned in Ballet Creation and then gradually moves the students into the traditional ballet class format of barre. Moving in time with the music becomes more important, as well as memorization of ballet terminology. Character dance steps are incorporated into classes as well as a little Jazz.


In Drum Circle Music Class, kids will go on a Musical rhythm journey around the world. Drumming is a fun experiential activity that promotes multi-cultural learning. It also helps to build motor skills, (processing information) boosting creativity. They will have a chance to learn different rhythms, patterns and make up their own rhythms to play along with a great array of music. A great class that parents can enjoy as well.


Fun & imaginative series, combining simple yoga poses with engaging stories, props & puppets that exercise social, sensory and motor skills while increasing flexibility.

SNOOKNUK StoryTime (Free w/Play Pass) “Members Free”

SNOOKNUK introduces young children to books, rhymes, music, puppetry & more!  Kids enjoy interactive stories, songs that encourage their language skills, increases their attention span, and helps to develop fine motor skills.  We also schedule special guests such as Book Authors, Puppeteers, & more!


Every Thursday at 10:30am-11am
* No need to book this. Just drop in and enjoy

Toddler Tune Time

Come Sing and Jam to Classic Toddler Tunes! Just a Super fun musical time where parents & kids will have a ball singing songs, playing instruments and meeting new friends!

Improv with Kids 7yrs+

Development of Improvisational skills & Spontaneity. This class is designed to build self-confidence and develop creativity. Provides a unique way for kids of all ages to work together.

Cancelled For Now

Jazz Contemporary

Jazz dance is a form that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. Consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and turns, jazz gives students the ability to move in a very fun and energetic way.

Contemporary dance style explores the total movement potential of the body. It derives it’s techniques from both classical and modern dance. With this style of dance, students will grow through new movement and expressiveness while working on their creativity. Dancers will be taught warm up, technique, improvisational skills and a combination at the end of class.  

This class will increase flexibility and will bring a sense of connection to the natural ability to move and interpret the music.

Dance attire requirement:  Sneakers (sneakers without a lot of tread work best). Wear comfortable clothing.


Let’s Play Acting (4-6yrs)

Intro to basic acting technique for kids. Builds upon the Natural instincts to Pretend and be Imaginative. Super Fun & Interactive Class!

Choreography will be age appropriate. Dance attire requirement: Sneakers (sneakers without a lot of tread work best). Wear comfortable clothing.

*When registering your child in 2 or more different class series, you will receive a 10% discount on the 2nd series. When registering 1 child for a series, purchase another series for a sibling and receive 10% discount.

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